Welcome to the Hostal Casa Verde, Santa Ana, El Salvador

Located in the mountains of El Salvador in the city of Santa Ana, the Hostel Casa Verde is a great location to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, surf and country side of El Salvador.

Carlos Batarse runs and manages the Hostal Casa Verde, and the building has been in his family for decades.

Questions or reservations, please contact Carlos here

hotel Interior

Common area for Hostal La Casa Verde

With a brick oven for pizza, the free use of the kitchen facilities, the hostal allows you to feel Carlos’ hospitality and his appreciation for the traveler.

Internet is also available.


The kitchen facilites at Hostal La Casa Verde

The hostal accommodations are:

1)   7 dormitory style beds, with separate bathroom facilities for males and females, individual fans and lock boxes for each bed. Hot water showers available in the bathrooms

2) 2 rooms with double beds and private baths, air conditioning ( Extra charge), and hot showers.

3) One room with a queen size bed, private bath, hot shower and Air Conditioning (Extra charge)

dining area

The dining area at Hostal La Casa Verde

Dining area and a rooftop lounge area makes the Hostal La Casa Verde a pleasurable experience.

TV area

The TV and reading area at Hostal La Casa Verde

Dormitory beds

The dormitory beds ( 7 available)

rooftop lounge

Rooftop lounge for overlooking the city of Santa Ana

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16 Responses to Welcome to the Hostal Casa Verde, Santa Ana, El Salvador

  1. claptona1 says:

    I will be the first to post on the website.
    Great place to stay – hot showers, WIFI and the use of a great kitchen.
    Carlos Batarse makes it even more enjoyable, as the owner and manger of the Hostal.
    Highly recommended from a guy who stayed there 18 days.
    Hope to visit again sometime in the future
    John D. Wilson

  2. David O'Neill says:

    Hi Carlos

    My wife and I, are heading to San Salvador tomorrow on an early bus from Estelli, Nicaragua. We aim to be in San Salv around 4pm Wednesday 20th.

    Could you advise if it is possible to get an autobus to Santa Ana around 5pm from San Salv? Also do you have any private rooms available tomorrow night, Thursday and Friday nights?

    Best regards


  3. Marcelo de Argentina says:

    hola, quiero conocer las tarifas para febrero-marzo 2013. habitación para 2 personas, con y sin baño privado. por favor, indicar claramente en qué moneda es la tarifa. qué servicios incluye. cualquier otro dato también será agradecido. cordialmente. M y N.

  4. Esteban says:

    quería preguntarles si hay un servicio de bus directo desde Santa Ana a Copán Honduras? Si es que sí me alojaría en sus instalaciones el 24 de febrero. Si me uede dejar un mail, les escribo directamente.
    Gracias, saludos, Esteban

  5. Carlos, és Luiz Henrique, de Brasil (garoto). Su hostel está de parabéns, és increible. Ahora sigo mi expedición por México. De la Ciudad de México me voy a Yulcata. Dejo mi blog para que me acompanes – http://www.ikeweber.com . Saludos.

  6. Trey says:

    How do I make reservations ?? Do you have an email I could contact you at?

  7. Nadine says:

    Hello, is there a bed available for tomorrow night for one girl? Cheers.

  8. Eva says:

    Hello Carlos, could you send me the room rates please and how I can proceed with booking?
    Thank you

  9. annelies says:

    We would possibly visit Santa Ana next week. How can we make reservations at your place? Do you have an email adress?

  10. oscar moreno says:

    Hola llego a santa ana el sabado tienen una habitacion para mi y quiero saber si hay transporte al aeropuerto gracias

  11. Amélie says:


    Estoy en el Tunco y me gustaria llagar a su pueblo. Sabe que es la mejor option de transporte?
    Despues tengo que regresar a Guatemala city para tomar el buelo. Sabe tambien si hay un shuttle o un transporte rapido?

    Gracias !


  12. Caron says:

    Hey guys 🙂 we are looking for a double bed, this Thursday Feb 27th for a couple night. You got something :):)
    Thank you have a great Tuesday night.

    Caron and Peter

  13. Andrea says:

    Quiero saber si tienes una cama en el dormitorio para miercoles (2 de abril).
    Muchos gracias,

  14. Andrew and jocelyn says:

    We are a couple traveling to Santa Ana tomorrow and are wondering if you have any beds avaliable for us. We we are traveling without a phone so email is the best way to contact us. Hope to meet you soon.

  15. Michelle Brady says:


    Could you please let me know how I can book a private room for two people for the 14th June. We hope to travel from Santa Ana to Antigua, is there a shuttle that we can get from Santa Ana?


  16. mans dekens says:

    can you please tell me if 2 persons can take a direct bus from copan to santa ana el salvador next tuesday dec.2
    Gracias y Saludos
    Mans Dekens

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